Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Logan and Cooper are ready to go. Bryce is still
getting "wrapped up" and Mia is refusing to put
her costume on-what fun!

Cooper really didn't like it that his pumpkin had
a pacifier of his. When he first looked at it,
he bent down to try to take his pacifier back.
In case you can't tell Cooper went as "Nemo" this year.

Logan and Bryce decided they did not want to
wear their Disney costumes so Logan wore her
Colts Jr Cheerleading uniform and went as a Super
Bowl team's cheerleader.

Bryce the mummy. His pumpkin-same. So,
Halloween morning Bryce asks me if he can go as
a mummy instead of Jack Sparrow. Me, being a
complete idiot, tell him that I thought it would be
okay- I only had to still get our pumpkins, gut and
carve them so why not add that to the list. I'm
telling you, being a slacker is a lot harder than you
may think. Anyway, the costume turned out pretty good.

We got Mia in her costume, "Jasmine," and she had
the time of her life! She was so excited to be given
candy at every door she could hardly contain herself.

We went to Florida for Fall Break this year. Grandma and Grampa came too--thank God--they helped out a ton!!!! Here are the kids all dressed and ready to go trick or treating at Disney.

Monday, November 5, 2007

I can't believe I'm doing this!

I can't take it! The peer pressure is killing me so I am starting a blog. This is crazy! This my be it to my blogging career--we'll see if I can figure any of this out.